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Tombola Bingo 50

24th August, 2009

Tombola have just launched a new exclusive game called Tombola Bingo 50. We’ve all heard of bingo 90, bingo 80 and bingo 75, so what is bingo 50 all about? Well to begin with it’s got a really fun poptastic theme – bubble wrap. That’s right rather than marking off your tickets with a dabber you pop the numbers with your finger (well a computer finger using your mouse!). This can be set to automatic or for more fun you can pop it yourself!

The other innovative feature is that you decide how much you’d like to pay for a strip of tickets, this range’s from 25p up to £1. The prize you win varies with the price you pay – the difference is you still have an equal chance of winning!

Each strip contains five tickets, each ticket contains two lines and all fifty numbers are included in your strip. You play for one line and the Full House and also the jackpot if you get all your numbers in 19 calls or less. Here’s a breakdown of the jackpots:

price Jackpot
25p £250
50p £500
75p £750
£1 £1,000

As always bingo 50 is exclusive to Tombola so if you’re looking for a new fun way to play bingo, pop over to tombola and start popping today!

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Jackpot Joy

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