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How to Play Online Bingo

19th July, 2009

If you have never played online Bingo before, you are probably wondering how the game translates to the online platform. Well, it’s the same Bingo you’ve always known but the online version can be played from the comforts of your own home and dare we say that it’s also more fun!

Here are some important things to know if you are going to enter the online Bingo world.

Finding an online Bingo Operator

There are plenty of great online Bingo rooms to play at. If you are a U.S. citizen however, you will also have to make sure that the Bingo room accepts U.S. players. If not, you’ll have to find one that does.

Paying methods

To play online Bingo, you’re going to have to buy Bingo cards and to be able to do that, you’re going to have to put money into your account. It might sound a bit intimidating at first but luckily the Bingo room will have plenty of safe and secure methods for you to transfer money into your playing account. The website will also have instructions for you on how to deposit your money and customer service support team that will help you with this process.

Safety & Security

Online gaming operators - and that includes Bingo operators - all use the most secure web encryptions (128-bit SSL) to make sure that your gaming experience is as safe as possible.

Choosing a Game

In Bingo, you will usually be choosing between 75-ball and 90-ball Bingo. 75-ball Bingo is known more in North America and consists of five by five cards that have a free space in the middle. 90-ball Bingo is known more in Europe and consists of cards which are more like tickets. Those “tickets” have three rows of five numbers spaced across nine columns.

Purchasing Bingo Cards

Look carefully through the cards that are available and decide which ones you want to buy. When you click on a card, it will become highlighted and you’ll have the option to buy it. Click then on “buy cards” or “buy tickets” and the amount will get deducted from your account. You are then ready to play some online Bingo!

Playing Online Bingo

The game will begin and numbers will be selected. Should those numbers appear on your card, the card will be marked accordingly. The goal of the game then is to hit a certain pattern and to get “Bingo”. This in turn will get you great prizes!

Keep in mind however that the different games (75-ball and 90-ball) may offer different jackpot opportunities where you can win prizes by hitting the right sequence on your card.

Auto Daub

Auto Daub is a very great feature and one that you will surely appreciate very much when you are playing online Bingo. When playing online Bingo, it is very common for you to be playing multiple cards. This enhances your chances at winning but it’s also very hard to keep track of all of the numbers that you have to mark, especially if you are playing a speed game where things are moving so quickly.

That’s where Auto Daub comes in. The Auto Daub feature makes sure that every number that appears on your card gets marked off directly after the call. This ensures that you’ll never miss marking a number!

Chat Feature

If you have played live Bingo, you’ll know that players are supposed to be quiet so that everyone can hear the numbers that are being called. If you are playing online however, there is no such problem. You can chat to fellow players in a special chat room while the game is going on without disturbing the action.

The chatting adds a fun and social element to game play and it’s one of the definite pros of playing Bingo online. Also, the chat moderator may also offer additional games through the chat room. These “chat games” allow you to win prizes based on patterns on your card that are not part of the regular Bingo game.

So, keep your eyes on the chat room at all times as well because more chances at cash and prizes could be right there!

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